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(Accredited registration Center)

NYSC Online Registration for 2019 Batch B which starts June 1st

Visit Our Office :Speedcafé, Olaiya compound, before Amina hall, faculty of Education, Unilag, for bookings and To Apply .

WhatsApp: 08036399830 call: 08021429880

(NYSC e-Registration Centre) as we will be carrying out the e-Registration process for the 2019 Batch B Prospective Corps Members.

Requirements for Registration

1. A Recent Passport Photograph (White Background Only)

2. JAMB Registration Number (For Full Time Graduates Only)

3. Matriculation Number

4. Registration Fee (See Details Below)

Cost Implications & Categories

1. Cost of Registration for all single Nigerian Graduates = N1,000 (e-Registration Fee Only).

2. Cost of Registration for Married Nigerian Graduates (Female Only) & All Foreign Nigerian Graduates = N1,500(e-Registration Fee

Married Prospective female corps members should come with the following documents:

1. Evidence of state of residence of husband (LASRRA Registration Slip, Voters Card or National I.D Card showing Address of Husband)

2. Husband’s I.D CARD (National I.D Card, Voter’s Card, Driving License, or International Passport)

3. Letter of employer from husband’s place of work / Utility Bill

4. Marriage Certificate / Affidavit

5. Newspaper Publication of Change of Name

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